Childhood Magazine Shoot

Recently I was lucky enough to meet Melissa, a local gal and founder of the popular blog Best Friends For Frosting (check it out and you will see why it is so popular!). Melissa has an incredible eye for style and the most bubbly, sweet personality. I was thrilled when she asked me to make her and her adorable 3 year old son, Charlie, a few flower crowns. Melissa and Charlie are going to be featured in a local publication called Childhood Magazine which will be out December 1st. Here is a little sneak peak of the fun, shot by the incredibly talented photographer Brenda Bisharat.



I can't show you any more than that - but I can show you a little arrangement I threw together with the leftovers from the shoot:




I dont know if it is just me, but I sure thought these beauties were ready for a close up! 



Make sure to pick up the new issue of Childhood Magazine out December 1st!