Local Flowers

I truly can not emphasize enough the importance of buying local and seasonal flowers. Before I entered into this industry, the thought never crossed my mind where flowers were grown. The fact of the matter is, we import a sickening statistic of flowers from other countries, when we have perfect growing conditions in many areas of the United States.

Today I came across this article. It truly sends chills down my spine. It also brings me back to the point that I genuinely think most people have no idea where their flowers are coming from. It is not to say that people do not care, I hope that it is an honest misconception that flowers are grown in our own backyards. When I tell people I am a florist, they ask me "Oh! Do you grow your own flowers!?". I smile and say "No, but I do source local and seasonal flowers whenever possible". Its clear to me that based upon asking such a question, that they have absolutely no idea where exactly flowers come from, or how much goes into creating one single stem. 

It is my hope to try to educate as many people as possible about local flowers. The farm to table (or farm to fork) movement is growing every day, and I hope people can learn to look at flowers the same way.

I try so hard to support my local farmers and wholesalers. I hope you will take the time to read through this article, and I hope whether you choose Thistle and Honey or not, you are conscious of where your flowers are coming from. 

Again, the article can be found by clicking HERE.

Shannon MahoneyComment