Floral Design Workshop Scholarship Contest!

One of the things I love most about Instagram is the amazing sense of community. I have connected with florists all over the country (and even the world!) and I have made some really good friendships because of this. I have been following a florist in Atlanta, Georgia by the name of Amy Osaba Events for quite some time! A few weeks ago she posted about a floral design workshop she is hosting in her Atlanta studio and announced that she would be giving away a scholarship to one lucky flower lover. The catch! You had to create an arrangement from 100% foraged materials. Things found in nature, your yard, your neighbors yard…anything that wasn't purchased! As I looked out on the crusty dry hills of Sacramento I knew it was a long shot - but I HAD to try! I ventured far and wide and constructed 3 completely foraged arrangements. To my delight, after almost 200 entries, one of my entries was chosen as the top 5 finalists!!! The winner will be chosen TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST. The winner is the entry with the most likes on their entry that is posted to amy's Instagram account - @amyosabaevents! If you want to help me out in this amazing opportunity


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Here are some images from the entry so that you recognize it - it's entry #2!


Thank you for your support!!!

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