This is a topic I have been thinking about the past month or two and just haven't gotten around to sitting down to write about it yet. It might sound a little bit odd but I have done a few projects recently that had me thinking inside the box, rather than thinking outside of the box - and I enjoyed it.

Let me explain.

As a creative, thinking outside of the box is easy. It comes naturally to most creative people. Isn't that kind of part of what creativity is after all? However, when you have your own business, especially in floral design, you have to not only be true to your own creative self, but also to the creative vision of your clients. In one instance, I was hired to create flowers for an elaborate high end Cinderella themed bridal shower. 

Now typically, a theme is something that I am not automatically drawn to. Mostly because it is limiting and sometimes it can feel creatively stifling, however, I was up for the challenge. I had to put myself inside this box and think of a specific palette (which is not uncommon). But how could I make this palette interesting, how could I make it not feel child-like, how could I make it whimsical and textural and still true to my brand that I strive to create?

As I said, I sort of enjoyed it. What I thought to be something that would stifle me actually still had me pushing myself and stretching my creativity. So I say all of this to say, next time you are worried you are being put in a box. Just try it! You never know how you might rise to the occasion.