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Celebrity Wedding Dresses

  • Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress – From Brad Pitt to Justin Theroux

    According to reports, when Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt in 2005, she donned a $50,000 wedding gown. Rather than a regular gown for her marriage to Justin Theroux, according to reports the 46-year-old went for a boho inspired, flowing summer dress. The pair, who announced their engagement in 2012, married in a secret ceremony at … Read more

  • Blake Lively’s Wedding Dress – Photos, Designer Details, And Much More.

    We still can’t believe that we’ve never seen a picture of Blake Lively’s Marchesa wedding dress, even though she and Ryan Reynolds have been married for almost three years. Until now, the Gossip Girl actress’ 28th birthday has been celebrated with a glimpse into the gorgeous wedding of one of our favorite couples, as Martha’s … Read more

  • Emma Stone’s and DaveDave McCary’s Wedding Dress

    Emma Stone is a private person when it comes to her personal life, and her relationship with Saturday Night Live segment director Dave McCary is no exception. However, in December 2019, following the announcement of his engagement to the Academy Award winner, it began the countdown to one of 2020’s most anticipated weddings. How Much … Read more


  • How To Display Cookies At A Wedding – Cookie Display Ideas

    Cookies are delicious and useful at any time, especially for your guests at your wedding. As a result, we encourage you to consider putting together a cookie bar! Cookies will be appropriate for all types of weddings since they are tasty and nutritious in every case! All you have to do is dress your cookie … Read more


  • How To Travel With Your Wedding Dress

    Whether you’re driving or taking public transportation to your destination, whether it’s two miles or two thousand kilometers, transporting your wedding gown can be a stressful experience. You could have found the trendiest printed wedding gown that will resemble a whimsical dream or a bohemian bridal dress that will make you appear like a hippy … Read more

Dating Guide.

  • How TO Impress Girls On Dating Sites – Best Guide On Impressing a Girl

    A successful “online dater” must know how to make a good first impression on a woman they’ve met online because traditional dating is becoming increasingly useless. Online dating offers a wide range of new and exciting possibilities, but chatting with a girl on a sexting sites is very different from having a conversation with her … Read more