Angel Adoree Wedding Dress & Marriage Life Insides

Angel Adoree Wedding Dress was a very fine wedding gown, it has unique design and premium embroidery along with high quality satin material. Couples from all over the world marry at Chateau de la Motte in the north-west of France. Dick and Angel Strawbridge purchased the castle and transformed it into a stunning wedding location.

Angel Adoree Wedding Dress

When & How Did Angel and Dick Wedding Take Place?

It was at Strawbridge Castle, a tiny market town in the French province of Mayenne. Their property is stunning, with 45 rooms stretched across five storeys.

In the first episode of Escape To The Chateau, Dick, 62, married Angel, 42, on November 13, 2015. Dorothy and Arthur, the couple’s two children, attended the wedding. It was lovely.

It was a classic French wedding, with 200 guests, including relatives and friends, as well as many locals.

Angel Adoree Wedding Dress

Angel and her husband celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary by posting a series of photos on social media with the remark, “Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary.” “Today marks the fourth anniversary of Dick and my marriage. To say the least, it was an adventure. Thank you for always being available to me and for always being available to me. I’m not in the mood for anything, not even a cheesy song.”

Angel Adoree Wedding Dress

Angel Adoree Wedding Dress was embellished with lace sleeves and ruching on the skirt, making it appear more romantic than it was. She smiled every time she said “I do” to Dick, a guy 20 years her senior.

Angel also posted a few more photos wearing Angel Adoree Wedding Dress from her wedding day in 2020, giving her admirers a better peek at the momentous day. That’s why she did it.

These photos, taken by guests’ friends during the ceremony, demonstrate how intimate it was.

More Into Dick and Angel’s Marriage Life

After residing in France for so long, the Strawbridges of Escape To The Chateau must return to the United Kingdom.

The family is preparing for a cross-country speaking tour. They wish to share their experience renovating the 45-room Château de la Motte-Husson in France.

Lieutenant Colonel Dick, 62, is ready to share his story with viewers of the show. When it comes to setting up camp in Martigné-sur-Mayenne, Dick is eager to speak with viewers.

Angel, his businesswoman and fashion designer wife, will appear on the show with him to demonstrate how to produce new products using what she has learned on the job.

Escape To The Chateau has a Twitter account. There was a photo of a family on there, along with a note that read: “The Dare To Do It Tour will be on the road soon, ready to welcome Dick, Arthur, and Dorothy!

“Dorothy’s clothing have been sorted, and everyone in the Strawbridge household is overjoyed.

Have you reserved your seat to see the Strawbridges for that evening?

On their tour, they will stop at Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Belfast, all of which are cities. Dorothy, 8, and Arthur, 9, will accompany them on the vacation.

Martigné-sur-Mayenne is located in the Pays de la Loire region in northwestern France. It hasn’t had power, heat, or running water in 40 years.

This 19th-century castle with its own moat has been undergoing extensive renovations since 2015.

Angel’s parents possess 12 acres of land, which includes a restroom.

They supplement their income by renting out their gorgeous orangery as a wedding venue, with a focus on traditional celebrations.

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