Gorgeous Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress Revealed By Versace

Angelina Jolie not only had her six children play an important role in their wedding, but she also had their artwork on her dress and veil. All of these bridal gowns were one-of-a-kind. People are aware that the Jolie family intended their six children to play an important role in their wedding. Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress also has a printed artwork on it.

angelina jolie wedding dress

Donatella Versace, the chief tailor at Atelier Versace, made her a custom-made white satin gown. She wore white silk Versace heels and her hair was styled in a neat way as she prepared for her wedding.

“Luigi is like family to me,” she said in an interview, “and I couldn’t think of anyone else sewing this outfit.” Because he is so concerned about the children, putting it together was a lot of pleasure.

Brad donned this because he neglected to pack his own clothes. Brad wore his suit and his son wore his tie.

Angie, Pax, Zahara, and Vivienne served as flower girls for the ceremony. Shiloh and Knox carried the rings. Angie baked the cookies, while Pax produced the wedding cake. Their parents collaborated on their wedding vows. They were all involved in the writing process.

angelina jolie wedding dress

This is exactly what the couple stated. They stated that they wanted their wedding to be informal and enjoyable. “It was a wonderful day to spend with our children and a joyful time for our entire family,” the author says.

On August 23, Ang and Brad married at Chateau Miraval in France. There were only 20 persons invited.

What’s Unique About Angelina Wedding Dress?

When you go to a party, the first thing you should consider is Angie’s attire. Luigi Massi, a Versace master tailor, created this stunning gown out of ivory silk. For a long time, I’ve been an admirer of the designer (Jolie has worn several Versace gowns on the red carpet).

Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress appeared to be a regular gown, but it was actually a lot of work. But! Is the story getting any more interesting? She wore a wedding gown with a train and veil crafted by her children.

angelina jolie wedding dress

What else is there to say? Is this what Angelina Jolie believes? People who know the kids say they’re looking forward to the wedding. The youngsters want to see Mommy and Daddy get married because they appreciate the notion. ” That’s what I believe. For me, this is a very private and family-friendly affair. All of us getting married would be something else. ” As a result, it happened. People claim that the parents’ children assisted them in writing their vows. This is how they put it. The flower girls and ring bearers were Maddox, 13, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, Knox, 6, and Vivienne, 6. Pax also created the cake. It’s fantastic how everything turned out.

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Angelina Jolie Wedding Dress is one of a kind Bridal Gowns ever designed. From the laces to the veils, cuts and sleeves, every part of it is perfectly designed and sewed. Angelina’s gown has left a mark to the modern day bridal gowns. People have gone crazy for it. I hope you liked Angelina’s Wedding Gown too.

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