Redwood Wedding Venues, San Francisco: 7 Finest Locations

It took a lot of research to come up with this list! Some I found on Google, some on Pinterest, and some I just happened to find months later. Every time a wedding venue with a redwood theme showed up in my feed, I would look into it. Here is a list of 7 finest redwood wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, in case there are more redwood lovers out there.

Saratoga Springs

Redwood wedding venues

Saratoga Springs is ideal for weddings of various sizes and budgets since it offers five different locations for the ceremony and reception. They have more intimate settings, although Hilltop, Longbridge, and Cathedral Grove may accommodate hundreds of guests. Saratoga Cove is free, Redwood Grove is $500, and Hilltop, Longbridge, and Cathedral Grove range in price from $2450 to $5950. Saratoga Springs also provides catering as well as tables, chairs, and dishes. Extras are also available. The cost of food is $60 per person. Saratoga Springs weddings can start as low as $12,000. It is among the finest Redwood wedding venues.

Saratoga Springs remains crowded between April to October since there are two weddings every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The same venue may be also available for another wedding, but don’t worry. They are always well ready to conduct multiple weddings. Every couple has adequate time to take their own photos without interfering with anyone else’s. This implies that if your wedding is in Longbridge, you can take photographs at Cathedral Grove and vice versa!

Sand Rock Farm

Redwood wedding venues

Redwood wedding venues are popular because because it has a beautiful setting in front of a big redwood tree. Even though I love the redwoods, my favourite part of their property is the Barrel Room, which used to be the barrel-aging cellar for the winery. The roof fell in, revealing an amazing tunnel-shaped cavern with rock walls, ivy, and only bare bulbs for light. We had our wedding ceremony and reception here, but we did take a few pictures in the redwood grove at dusk!

For a wedding in 2019, the price starts at $19,450, which includes lodging for up to 18 guests, day-of coordination, a bridal suite and groom’s lounge for getting ready, warming lamps, lighting, and other extras. To use Sand Rock Farm, you have to hire a caterer. Prices start at $135 per person and include hors d’oeuvres, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks, cake or dessert, and floral decorations for the reception.


On Nestldown’s 180 acres, there are beautiful gardens, big ponds, waterfalls, and orchards that produce fruit. A life-size chess set, a fantasy cottage, and other things give it a very magical feel. When it rains, it allows only 140 people in. For ceremonies, there is a beautiful redwood woodland amphitheatre and a cute barn as a backup plan in case it rains. It is among the best Redwood wedding venues.

During the off-season, Nestldown charges $9500 for a Thursday site. During holiday weekends, the price goes up to $23000. Along with the six hours for the ceremony and reception, the six hours for the event also include time for setting up and cleaning up. Farm tables are also available in for both the ceremony and the party for an extra fee. Guests who have trouble getting around can use a golf cart or a 1967 London taxi, both of which can be reached by the bride and groom. Guests can ride the Nestldown Railroad if the weather is dry during cocktail hour. The venue fee also includes day-of coordination and 30 minutes of use of a room for the bride to change in.

Piedmont Community Hall

One of the most popular wedding location among Redwood wedding venues, is a great choice for couples on a tight budget. The Piedmont Community Hall has a Mediterranean style with a terracotta tiled roof and beamed ceilings. It has beautiful chandeliers and high beamed ceilings. Most wedding receptions take place in the hotel’s circular courtyard, which has a beautiful outdoor setting. A redwood grove is a good place for small weddings, and for ceremonies as well. For events, the Piedmont Community Hall can hold up to 200 people outside and 120 people inside.

You can find all the price information you need in their web brochure. All wedding packages for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday start at $2750 for locals and $3500 for people who live in the area. The price to rent the space includes tables, chairs, and use of the kitchen. Bartenders must have the right credentials to serve only beer, wine, and champagne at weddings. There are no more limits on who could be a vendor.

Mather Grove

In the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, the Redwood Grove and Amphitheater are great places among Redwood wedding venues. As people drive up to the Berkeley hills for the wedding, they get a beautiful view of the Bay. Depending on what the bride and groom want, their wedding at the Redwood Grove can take place in either the Conference Center or the Julia Morgan Hall. If you have a big wedding party, you might want to think about other places to hold your reception, like the Conference Center or Julia Morgan Hall, which can only fit 103 and 82 guests, respectively.

The ceremony is the only part that costs $2200 during the week and $3000 on weekends. As part of the site fee, guests will be able to get into the Botanical Garden (which normally costs $12/adult) and use the rest of the garden for wedding photos. Some of the beautiful places in the well-kept garden are the landscape of old roses, the Japanese pond, the cactus landscape, and the arid greenhouses.

Ovy Camp & Event Center

At OVY Camp & Event Center, you can camp in a more natural setting. Because it is a summer camp for poor kids during the summer, OVY is only available for weddings from November to April. OVY camp is a lot of fun because you get to use the whole camp site for the weekend. There are different cabins with bunk beds where your guests can stay. The clearing in the redwood forest is a better choice for a smaller wedding because it is smaller (about 100 guests).

There are, however, many choices for the ceremony, as well as a beautiful hall with string lights wrapped around the rafters for the reception and dancing. Prices depend on how many people are staying, but in June 2018, the average weekend rental price was $10,000. Plus, the money will go back to their summer programme for kids who don’t have much. It is the greenest location among Redwood wedding venues.

OVY is in the hills above Silicon Valley, so the trip there will be long and windy. After the wedding, people who don’t want to camp or go home can stay in Half Moon Bay. Since OVY doesn’t have any supplier requirements, you can bring in your own caterers or cook your own food in their industrial kitchen.

Mountain Terrace

Mountain Terrace is a beautiful place for a wedding ceremony and party. It is in the hills above Silicon Valley. On their large grass lawn, with views of the redwoods and valley, weddings can be held. Even though there is a small room for brides to change, most of them do their hair and makeup somewhere else. The reception and dancing will be in the lodge, which has a beautiful patio with fairy lights that will be lit up at night. Like OVY Camp + Event Center, Mountain Terrace is only accessible by a narrow, winding road. A guest transportation service is an excellent concept. It is the most satisfying wedding location among Redwood wedding venues.

You can choose dates and times that work for you and pay between $2,000 and $7,000. The standard package includes 8 hours on-site, which is usually between 2 and 10 hours. The wedding and reception times are set by the bride and groom. Up to 150 people can be seated at the ceremony and reception because there are enough chairs and tables. This service is not required, but it can be added to the whole package if you want. We don’t ever eat and drink in the same place. For only one hundred dollars, you can buy a beautiful arbour. Mountain Terrace offers 5-hour morning wedding packages from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on days when there aren’t any 8-hour weddings planned or when the ceremony starts at 2 or 3 p.m. Most of the time, catering is done in-house, but special diets can be accommodated.

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