Floral Design Workshop Scholarship Contest!

One of the things I love most about Instagram is the amazing sense of community. I have connected with florists all over the country (and even the world!) and I have made some really good friendships because of this. I have been following a florist in Atlanta, Georgia by the name of Amy Osaba Events for quite some time! A few weeks ago she posted about a floral design workshop she is hosting in her Atlanta studio and announced that she would be giving away a scholarship to one lucky flower lover. The catch! You had to create an arrangement from 100% foraged materials. Things found in nature, your yard, your neighbors yard…anything that wasn't purchased! As I looked out on the crusty dry hills of Sacramento I knew it was a long shot - but I HAD to try! I ventured far and wide and constructed 3 completely foraged arrangements. To my delight, after almost 200 entries, one of my entries was chosen as the top 5 finalists!!! The winner will be chosen TONIGHT at 7pm PST/10pm EST. The winner is the entry with the most likes on their entry that is posted to amy's Instagram account - @amyosabaevents! If you want to help me out in this amazing opportunity


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Here are some images from the entry so that you recognize it - it's entry #2!


Thank you for your support!!!

KCRA A-List Nominee

We are so flattered to have been nominated for the KCRA A-List in the category of wedding flowers! We wanted to share with you, and let you know that you can vote for us by clicking the image below! Please note, you can only vote on time per email address! We really appreciate your support!

Current News!

Hello all! We are so excited that we have put a date on our open house at our brand new brick and mortar location! Please join us on Saturday April 5th from 12-2 to check out the store! We are planning to be open for business officially the following Tuesday, the 8th of April! 


The location of the store is 351 Green Valley Road, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. 


We are really looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! 

Local Flowers

I truly can not emphasize enough the importance of buying local and seasonal flowers. Before I entered into this industry, the thought never crossed my mind where flowers were grown. The fact of the matter is, we import a sickening statistic of flowers from other countries, when we have perfect growing conditions in many areas of the United States.

Today I came across this article. It truly sends chills down my spine. It also brings me back to the point that I genuinely think most people have no idea where their flowers are coming from. It is not to say that people do not care, I hope that it is an honest misconception that flowers are grown in our own backyards. When I tell people I am a florist, they ask me "Oh! Do you grow your own flowers!?". I smile and say "No, but I do source local and seasonal flowers whenever possible". Its clear to me that based upon asking such a question, that they have absolutely no idea where exactly flowers come from, or how much goes into creating one single stem. 

It is my hope to try to educate as many people as possible about local flowers. The farm to table (or farm to fork) movement is growing every day, and I hope people can learn to look at flowers the same way.

I try so hard to support my local farmers and wholesalers. I hope you will take the time to read through this article, and I hope whether you choose Thistle and Honey or not, you are conscious of where your flowers are coming from. 

Again, the article can be found by clicking HERE.

Childhood Magazine Feature

A few months ago Melissa Johnson, the creator of the amazing blog Best Friends For Frosting, asked me to create some fun crowns for her and her son Charlie! She has the one of the most happy, positive dispositions of anyone that I have ever met! Melissa was featured in a local magazine called Childhood Magazine, all about growing up in Sacramento. So cool, right? You can check out the online version of the magazine here! The lovely photos were captured by the talented Brenda Bisharat.



The Bride's Cafe Feature

A few months ago Janie, the lovely lady behind the blog The Bride's Cafe, asked to interview me as a part of her "Meet The Designer" series. I was so flattered to have received the initial email from Janie! Being a floral designer herself, she knows a thing or two about flowers - to say the least! To be a part of this series amongst floral designers that I have revered since long before I was a designer myself, was truly and sincerely an honor. You can check out the full feature here. Thank you Janie for the opportunity! Here are a few photos from Nicole Dianne.


We Are Becoming a Shop!

I am so excited to share with you all that we have signed the lease on a retail location for Thistle and Honey! The location is 351 Green Valley Road in El Dorado Hills! Soon you will be able to order flowers for local delivery and pick up, as well as come in and pick up flowers by the stem, or a hand tied bouquet. In addition to flowers we will be offering a curated shop of lovely items for you to peruse! Hand foraged jewelry, small batch soaps, all natural products, and a selection of gardening items - to name a few. The shop will be opening Spring 2014 so be sure to follow us on Instagram @thistleandhoneyfloral or "like" us on Facebook for daily updates! Here are a few sneak peaks of the space:



and some of the goods!


can't wait to share more.


Flowerwild Workshop

This past May I traveled to the town of Calistoga outside of Napa to attend a workshop hosted by floral goddess, Kate Holt, of Flowerwild. I learned of her workshop on social media and immediately knew I had to take advantage of what turned out to be the most inspiring opportunity of my life. The workshop was two whole days of sharing meals, conversation, making bouquets, and a photoshoot. We arrived the night before for a welcome dinner and enjoyed the two full days of amazingness before sharing our final breakfast together.

I was so nervous and apprehensive about attending this workshop. I was in a position at a flower shop where I was designing, delivering, cleaning, and doing all things floral related, but I hadn't had the chance to pick my product and have my own creative freedom - and I craved that. I can't say enough delightful things about Kate. She was the most humble person with talent that is unparalleled. We got the chance to work with Jose Villa, a world renowned photographer that we were all starstruck over. I am so thankful to have met all of the amazing ladies from around the world and to Kate for having me assist her in some amazing weddings since attending the workshop. It is fitting that this is the day after Thanksgiving because this is an experience that I am forever thankful for.



Studio Choo Class

A few months ago I took advantage of an amazing opportunity by taking a floral design class at Studio Choo. Based in South San Francisco and owned by two lovely ladies, Jill and Alethea, Studio Choo is well known for both their amazing floral design and their book entitled The Flower Recipe Book. When I learned that they were right in my own back yard I absolutely had to make a day trip to their amazing studio to get my hands on some of summer's most beautiful blooms and learn how these talented ladies construct their beautiful arrangements! 

This is what The Flower Recipe book looks like! Its modeled by my West Elm coffee table, which actually happens to be a place where you can purchase the book!

This is what The Flower Recipe book looks like! Its modeled by my West Elm coffee table, which actually happens to be a place where you can purchase the book!

This was only half of the beautiful product we got to play with at the class. This is any flower lovers dream come true!

This was only half of the beautiful product we got to play with at the class. This is any flower lovers dream come true!

The ladies showing the students how its done - Studio Choo style!

The ladies showing the students how its done - Studio Choo style!

Here is my creation!

Here is my creation!

Swooning over the perfectly curated details at the studio. 

Swooning over the perfectly curated details at the studio. 

This flower geek was slightly obsessed with the farm fresh dahlias, hot pink passion flower, lupine, and garden roses.

This flower geek was slightly obsessed with the farm fresh dahlias, hot pink passion flower, lupine, and garden roses.

Childhood Magazine Shoot

Recently I was lucky enough to meet Melissa, a local gal and founder of the popular blog Best Friends For Frosting (check it out and you will see why it is so popular!). Melissa has an incredible eye for style and the most bubbly, sweet personality. I was thrilled when she asked me to make her and her adorable 3 year old son, Charlie, a few flower crowns. Melissa and Charlie are going to be featured in a local publication called Childhood Magazine which will be out December 1st. Here is a little sneak peak of the fun, shot by the incredibly talented photographer Brenda Bisharat.



I can't show you any more than that - but I can show you a little arrangement I threw together with the leftovers from the shoot:




I dont know if it is just me, but I sure thought these beauties were ready for a close up! 



Make sure to pick up the new issue of Childhood Magazine out December 1st! 


Advertisement Shoot

Here are a few pictures shot by Nicole Dianne for my upcoming Ad in Real Weddings Magazine! Check it out in the Real Weddings Issue coming out in November.  



Big thanks to Nicole for taking time out of her busy schedule to shoot these photos for me. That girl is a talent and has a big heart.

GOOD: Street Food + Design Market

Today I had the pleasure of participating in one of Sacramento's most fun events; GOOD: Street Food + Design Market. GOOD brings together local artisans, designers, chefs, and all around entrepreneurs of local businesses in a free event for the community. Genius, right?! And not to mention fun (talk about a sunday funday!). Anyway here are some photos of our booth. Thanks to all who came out - it was great to meet you!