On this page you will find Florida Natives Seeds and many photo representations of plants which the seeds yield.  Florida Natives Plants such as:  Beauty Berry, Black-Eyed Susan, Cassia, Coral Bean, Corky-Stemmed Passion Vine, Dune Sunflower, Firebush, Gaillardia Blanketflower, Horsemint, Ironweed, Mist Flower, Necklace Pod, Purple Passion Vine, Railroad Vine, Seaside Goldenrod, Sweet Acacia, Tropical Sage and Wild Aster.

Beauty Berry

Beauty Berry is a small to medium sized shrub that is evergreen in southern Florida, you can get more about beauty berry on Lush Flower Co. It grows in a variety of conditions and thrives with no care. It has small pink flowers and the large amount of purple berries is an attractant for butterflies and birds. Grows from seeds or cuttings.

​Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

Native butterfly wildflower. Enjoys wet sites though is drought tolerant through the dry season. Yellow daisy-like flowers, loves neglect.


Cassia has beautiful yellow blossoms and is a butterfly attractant. Does very well with neglect, you may prune to maintain desired height. Is an evergreen and flowers in the fall and spring, might have blossoms in the winter if not too cold. Likes sandy dry to moist soil.  Produces brown seed pods.

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Florida Natives Seeds

Coral Bean

Coral Bean has red tubular flowers attractive to hummingbirds. Also called Cherokee Bean, it was used by Indians in making necklaces of it’s bright colored beads. Though attractive, these beads are POISONOUS. The shrub is odd shaped and dies back in winter. It also has prickly leaves. The plant is lovely with it’s brilliant red flowers on all tips of it’s branches, you can get more about its characteristic on Haris Foods portal. It grows a variable height of 3 to 6 feet or higher depending upon the part of Florida it is grown. Flowers grow into brown pods that open to reveal the beads. Virtually carefree. Thrives in sunny sandy conditions as well as moist shade.  For best results, scarify or soak the seeds before planting.

Corky-stemmed Passionvine (Passiflora suberosa)

​Native small vine which is larval butterfly plant for the Zebra LOngwing, Julia and Gulf Fritillary. Tolerates drought as well as moist soils in full sun or shade. Has tiny green flower with small purple-black berries which birds eat.

Dune Sunflower

Dune Sunflower or beach sunflower is a sprawling groundcover of green with yellow daisy-like flowers. Not to be confused with the exotic invasive wedelia, this groundcover is wonderful in sandy sunny areas but does not like wet feet. Virtually carefree,12″ tall or less, spreads into 3 foot area. Self seeds.


Firebush is a beautiful plant that ranges in height from 3 to 6 ft tall (sometimes taller in southern Florida) with dark green leaves tinged on the edges with reds and yellows. The bountiful tubular flowers are combinations of yellow and red and an attractant to both butterflies as well as hummingbirds. They also produce juicy berries which attract small mammals. They thrive in sunny locations as well as shade and can be pruned to control their rapid growth. Might freeze back in severe cold but bounces back easily.


Gaillardia or Blanketflower is another virtually carefree plant. It has daisy-like flowers of variations in orange, red and yellow and is called blanket flower due to it’s ability to cover an area with itself. Is self seeding and might be considered an annual as well as a perennial depending upon the zone. Always long lasting season of flowers and wonderful for a sunny sandy area that is best left undisturbed.


Horsemint has aromatic mint leaves when crushed. The lilac blossoms are long lasting, blooming spring through autumn. It is also called Spotted Beebalm.


Ironweed is in the aster or daisy family. The flowers are tubular purple. Thin stalked plant leaves. Does well in wet pinelands and sunny sandy location.

Mistflower or Ageratum (Conoclinium coelestinum)

Florida Native butterfly nectar source wildflower. Pretty blue flower heads. Loves neglect and requires no care once established. Small plant usually 1 ft. tall. Sun or partial sun in dry sandy soil.

Necklace Pod

Necklace Pod is a rounded shrub of varying heights from 3-6 feet. Evergreen that flowers year round with long stalks of long lasting yellow flowers which eventually produce seed pods resembling a necklace. Full sun to light shade, survives drought and neglect, throughout Florida. Attracts butterflies as well as hummingbirds.

Purple Passion-Vine (Passiflora incarnata)

Large Florida Native Perennial vine with beautiful purple flowers and delicious yellow edible fruit,used for Hawaiian Punch. Also, a host larval butterfly plant for the Florida State Butterfly, Zebra Longwing. Thrives with neglect in somewhat dry sunny or partial shade. For butterfly use plant in the partial shade.

Railroad Vine

Railroad Vine is a long sprawling evergreen vine with large pink or light purple flowers, thrives with neglect. Spreads well underground through rhizomes. Loves hot sunny sandy conditions; throughout Florida. Is great plant for holding soil in dunes or sides of swells in ponds or ditches. For best results soak seeds overnight or scarify before planting.

Seaside Goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens)

3-4 ft tall with beautiful golden long stemmed blossoms. Loves neglect- moist to dry sandy native soils.Full sun. Butterfly nectar plant.

Florida Natives Seeds

Sweet Acacia (Acacia farmesiana)

Native host butterfly shrub which is drought tolerant for sunny or partial sun location. Is lanky with small green leaves and many small yellow pom-pom shaped flowers with nice fragrance. Height varies from 4 to 9 feet. Carefree; loves neglect but does have thorns so plant away from walkways.

(Florida) Tropical Sage

(Florida) Tropical Sage has spikes of brilliant red blossoms. Butterflies and hummingbirds are both attracted to this plant of 12 to 24 inches. Sun to moderate shade. Self seeds. Pinch off spent blossoms to promote more flowering or collect seeds. Fla. Native

Wild Aster

Wild Aster is a sprawling vine with light purple flowers that resemble a daisy. It flowers year round, throughout state; likes wet areas, though will live in dry sandy conditions.

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